Altar Guild

Altar Guild

The altar guild is a ministry – a gift of time and talent to serve God in His house. It is a very great privilege to serve God in this way. The housekeeping and decoration of God’s house should be done with sincere devotion and dignity in good taste

The main purpose of the altar guild is to take care of the altar and all its appointments. These members prepare and setup for Holy Communion every Sunday and special holidays like Christmas, Epiphany, Pentecost, Reformation, and All Saints. During Holy Week, we have special services during Lent and on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

For Holy Communion, the cruet of wine, the host box with wafers, and the chalice are also prepared for use at the altar. The altar guild lights the candles, assist with the bread and wine, and the readings of the Gospel.

For the Holidays, the altar guild decorates the altar in preparation for the upcoming holiday. During Christmas, our altar is adorned with red poinsettias. For Easter, our altar is adorned with white lilies. These plants along with matching altar clothes makes our church looks ready for worship on Sunday morning.
At different seasons of the church year, the paraments-the altar cloths, pulpit, and lectern hangings are changed to the appropriate colors: white for festival season like Christmas and Easter, purple for Advent and Lent, red for special days like Pentecost, and green for ordinary Sundays.

Members of the altar guild are grateful servants: servants of God, servants of God’s people, servants of the liturgy, and servants of the worship space.

Mr. Jorge Pritchard

Mr. Wiley Lawrence

Ms. Jennifer Goode