The church council provides the guidance and leadership for the churchwide organization.
The church council’s ongoing work includes:

  • Reviewing procedures and programs to assure that churchwide purposes, policies, and objectives are being fulfilled
  • Acting on proposals, resolutions and policies
    Shaping relationships between the churchwide organization and related Lutheran organization.
  • Submitting budget proposals to the Churchwide Assembly
  • Establishing committees as necessary to carry out functions assigned to the church council
  • Reporting its actions to the Churchwide Assemby
  • The Church Council with its day-to-day responsibilities is a vital aspect of how we strive to do God’s work in the world with thoughtfulness, integrity, respect and partnerships that share a common vision.

We would like to invite you to become a part of Trinity Lutheran Church of Wyandanch and discover some of the wonderful ministries that are available.

Jacqueline DeVille


Deborah Lowe

Vice President

Denise Baston


Laure Rodriguez


Marianne Brown

Council Member

Oliver Coutrier

Council Member

Laflorence Grant

Council Member

Stacy Gonzalez

Council Member

Philip Lowe

Council Member

Virginia Cortes

Council Member

Coming soon..

Council Member

WELCA….Women of the ELCA…is an active ministry within the church for all women. They engage in ministry in many and varied ways. It is the WELCA “ladies” that encourage, spearhead and organize many of the “social functions” of the congregation. They are always ready and able to assist any member of the congregation.

TRINITY MEN’S GROUP: The Men’s group is a vital part of the congregational life here at Trinity. While many of the members also serve as ushers during the liturgies, they sponsor and mentor young men, engage in maintaining the church property and so very much more!

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Youth are required to participate actively in our weekly Sunday School Program which is offered each Sunday beginning promptly at 9:30am. Youth participate in the Divine Liturgy and then are taken to the classrooms for instruction in the Christian Faith. We currently have 2 dedicated Teachers who work with the pastor in the child’s instruction.

BIBLE STUDY: Engagement with the Word of GOD is essential in the Christians life. Trinity offers two opportunities: Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm, facilitated by Deacons Patty and John McDonald and Thursday Mornings at 10 am by Pastor Bob Rainis. The Wednesday evening study is suspended during July-August

ALTAR GUILD: Is a vital ministry of the congregation in that they are responsible for making sure all things are in good order for the Divine Liturgy.


BAPTISMS: Those desiring to receive the Sacrament of Holy Baptisms for themselves or their children are advised to speak with the Pastor. The Sacrament is offered normatively during the Sunday Liturgy.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Parents and the pastor discuss and prayerfully discern the child’s “readiness” to receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time. A course of instruction is offered by the pastor in preparation for the Reception of the Sacrament. It is understood, that once a person is Baptized, he/she MAY receive the Sacrament. We must always remember that this Sacrament is the Mystery of Mysteries and that the bread and wine received is the TRUE BODY and BLOOD of CHRIST and NOT a mere symbol.

CONFESSIONS AND ABSOLUTION: Private confessions are a normative in the church. We confess our sins in the presence of pastor, who by God’s authority absolves our sins. It is God who forgives. This is private and can never be revealed by the Pastor for any reason! Contact the pastor for an appointment.