Trinity Church was established by a community of faithful Christians living in the hamlet of Wyandanch, NY in 1937. It was believed that the property was part of the Deer Park School District. Somewhere the original school bell became the property of the church and may have been the one which tolled in its original bell tower.

Like the community which makes up the breath, depth and character of Wyandanch, the church community has evolved and changed in some ways. But what has remained a constant, is the Gospel of Salvation found only in and through our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

We invite you into a relationship with God and neighbor by joining us each Sunday at 9:30am for Divine Worship. We hear the stories and teachings handed down to us through Old and New Testaments.

Our sins are forgiven by our Loving Father, who gave us His only Son and who offered Himself upon the Cross, so that we may have eternal life. We worship, One God- Father-Son-Holy Spirit, The TRINITY!